Jan 31, 2011

pieces of pamela love's SS11 lookbook, featuring my lame editing

Dear boyfriend, I know you are reading this.Valentine's day is just around the corner.Can I have on of each please?Or one of those would be fine,too.Just consider it.
Love, me.

another mary jane

Forever21 missed their glory days circa September 2010 and decided to release yet another pair of their Miu Miu inspired mary janes'.

Jan 25, 2011

all that glitters is foxy


Jeffrey Campbell Foxy in gold glitter,multi glitter,and pewter glitter.Im dying thankyouverymuch

Jan 24, 2011


So awesome

stockholm inspired

stockholm streetsyle
Inspired by the various looks I came across in stockholm streetstyle.Loves.
Also I am aware that when I place pictures of a particular length they inderfere with the archives and such.If anyone is familiar with the issue and how to fix it,please let me know,thank you!

Jan 20, 2011

you complicate me in the best possible way

Peace Images

Peaceimagesjewelry is one of the few Etsy shops I managed to find ( my Etsy search skills suck-so many results-so overwhelming) that satisfy my difficult jewelry taste. It has a killer selection of feather earrings,and interesting selections of silver and gold pieces,as well as a men collection.Definatelly worth a look-here.

Jan 18, 2011

Jan 16, 2011

Lita 2

 Ah,Jeffrey Campbell's obsession of taking an already existing shoe and spicing it up! Ladies and gentlemen,the Lita 2!The identical twin of our original beloved lita,with a shiny silver heel.There is something about this shoe that does it to me-I can picture wearing it in summer and winter.Love it.Get it at solestruck.

Jan 14, 2011



Topshop has its way of confusing me come spring time.Better than last year's collection though.